The house buying process is a complex one and many people have not heard of conveyancers before, here we will talk about who are conveyancers and what role do they play.

Conveyancers are the solicitors or the conveyance lawyers who fundamentally play a role to ensure that property is transferred from one person to another and while doing this, all the legalities have been taken into the process. Conveyancer oversees the legal transfer of property so that the buyer ends up being the owner of the property at the end of the transactions. Conveyancer also have a duty towards the seller as well, so conveyancer plays a dual role as conveyancers act for both the property buyer and the property seller.

As a customer, it is very important to involve a conveyancer as early as possible in the process of buying or selling of the property so that the conveyancer can guide the customer through the entire process, and a good conveyancer will know what the loopholes or pitfalls are, and how to carry forward the all process and how to deal with the customer’s expectations.

It is very important to have a good conveyancer, so that everything happens legally and you get what you want at the appropriate price. To find a conveyancer, you can talk to your family and friends if they know some solicitor who has done this for them before but solicitors do conveyancing occasionally, and if you are looking for a specialist conveyancer you can always go online to compare the different conveyancers to choose the one that is best according to your requirements. This is a better method then to ask your friends and family because even if your family members have availed the services of a conveyancer before but he might have not been doing conveyancing regularly and what searching a conveyancer online will do is give you an idea and some criteria to compare the conveyancers and choose the best according to their costs and locality.

Finding the right conveyancer is the very important first step and it is always good to do proper research and find out about the solicitors who are out there in the market who can help you.

Once you have set up your legal team, now you should look forward to maintain a relationship with your conveyancer, telling him about the property and your expectations. You should always discuss and be clear regarding the fees that he is going to charge you.